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22000mAh 14S 51.8V 30C Lipo Battery

22000mAh 14S 51.8V 30C Lipo Battery

The 22000mAh 14S 51.8V 30C Lipo Battery is a high-performance power solution designed for demanding multirotor drone applications. With a capacity of 22000mAh and a 14S configuration, this battery delivers consistent and reliable power for extended flight times. The 30C discharge rate ensures that your drone can handle high power demands with ease, making it ideal for professional and commercial use. Upgrade your drone’s power system with the 22000mAh 14S 51.8V 30C Lipo Battery and experience longer flight times and enhanced performance.


  • Capacity: 22000mAh
  • Voltage: 51.8V
  • Configuration: 14S
  • Discharge Rate: 30C
  • Dimensions: 195×77×100mm
  • Weight: 3340g
  • Connector Type: AS150+XT150


  • Multirotor Drones
  • Professional UAVs
  • Aerial Photography
  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Commercial Drone Operations
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